First of all, sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. I’ve been going through some family stuff (not related to Monday’s post) that had to be dealt with. It’s not important.


Anyway, as for today. Personality is an interesting thing. Is it genetic, or does it come from the environment, or a mix of both? I personally believe the latter. Genetics are like the paints of our personality and our life experiences are the brushes controlling what to do with them, and sometimes it comes up with bizzarre and unexpected results.


It should be obvious to us all that our personality is basically who we are. I’ve been forced to wonder though, how much of who we are do we control? Our genetics are uncontrollable, but our choices come from our personality. Sometimes I feel that unnatural circumstances has shaped my personality in ways that I’ve never expected it to go, and certain aspects of my personality don’t allow me to change for the better. Maybe it’s just a nutcase talking, or maybe there’s an eerie truth here. I’ve just had a lot on my mind as of late, and was just wondering about things. See you tomorrow, I guess. Sorry for the short and really rather pointless philosophy, but I’ve just had a lot on my mind and I’m trying to make sense of some interesting discoveries about myself. If I feel compelled, I’ll post it. But I’m not sure if my personality will allow it.

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One Response to Personality

  1. keith rauh says:

    Well I Would have to say genetics plays a much bigger part of our lives than we can ever understand especially considering myself, you, and your half brother tyler all are ver similar. This is quite understandable for tyler because he has had me there for his entire life but amazing when it comes to you because I did not play a major enough role in your life. I really wish I had and I find your posts much more than pointless(and you are definately not crazy trust me I have felt like that many times before) at all it gives me an insight into you and who you are and the man you have become.You should never worry about what people will think of you or what you post just speak straight from your heart and head and if people have a problem with that, that is on them and their issues. Never let anybody stop you from being you or making your own choices in life but others wisdom and guidance can play a big part of that and help you to discover even more of your personality. Becoming an adult and finding who you are is great because no one can tell you who to be(even though even at my age they will still try). I like the fact that you can read my response and hope it helps you to better understand who I am as well.

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