Creative Fridays: Rocket Man (Poem)

I’m sitting here in my rocket ship, ready to fly,

It’s finally time for the world to say good-be,

I look out the window and just can’t believe,

What my mind would soon conceive


Farewells are for the forgon,

I could sit here and cry, but I’d just be wrong,

I never wanted to kiss the Earth good-bye,

But it’s either leave, or die


One final look conceals,

Hardhsips, broken hearts, broken deals,

One final look reveals,

A sweet summer summer love,  a million delicious meals


Hey, I don’t want to be this rocket man

The world wants me to; I wonder if I even can

The stars above start to sing

And the countdown begins


Ten, and I sit up straight,

I stir a little and think it’s too late.

Nine, and I want to quit,

Feeling like I’ll miss every little bit.


Eight, and I think that the rocket’s going to explode!

The ground will fissure, the core will erode!

Seven, feeds the doubt that strngles me tight,

I beg it to be over, my mind puts up the fight


Six, and I’ve got a tear in my eye,

No matter what we do, someday we have to die.

Five, and my eyes start to close,

Just to see every flower, every last rose.


Four, and the engine starts to rattle,

There’s still time, my inhibitions continue the battle.

Three, and my breath is stolen from me,

And for the first time I am willing to see.


Two, and I look up to the sky,

This time tomorrow I’ll be up so high.

One, the countdown is done,

The rocket launches up and true life has begun


Now I’m controlling a damned ship that the world left behind,

Cynicism and confusion repeatedly strike my mind,

I realize that in my deepest dreams I never truly wanted to die,

But then again, I never really wanted to kiss the Earth good-bye.

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